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These lovingly crafted cement tray which comes in 4 different sizes in Ocean, Moss green, Dust Pink, and Cream.  These trays are absolutely down-to-earth and welcoming, creating a beautiful touch on your desk.

Cement Tray with Colors


    • Useful and unique tray for tiny up small items 
    • You can mix and match for your personal need
    • Selling in set of 2 small round and small medium tray. 
    • Selling large long tray and x-large long tray individual.   
    • 2 shapes and 4 sizes avilable
    • Sell in set: round shape and moss green small tray


    • Ocean
    • Moss green
    • Dust Pink
    • Cream


    Ocean small round tray

    • 110mm in Diameter 

    Moss green medium long tray

    • 120mm  x 280mm 

    Dusty pink large long tray

    • 150mm  x 340mm 

    Cream X-large long tray

    • 180mm  x 380mm 


    • Cement 
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