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Kaia Triangle lamp is a LED lamp, it will automic switch off when the lamp is facing down.   Depend on the position it comes to different brightness,  it is fun and minmalistic design that can be used under various settings and circumstances. It can be used as a simple bedside lamp, or night light. 






Kaia Triangle Lamp

Colour: Grey
  • Features:

    • Adjustable light by long-pressing the button
    • Last for 8hrs straight
    • Last up to 300hrs standby, after fully charged
    • Touch sensor
    • Automatically turns off when facedown

    Dimension: 190mm H x 132mm L x 95mm W

    Color available:

    • Dusty Olive color
    • Dusty Grey

    Material: Special shade glass, ABS & PC

    Battery: 1200mAh

    Package Contents:

    • 1 x LED lamp
    • 1 x USB charging cable
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