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A newly design of create your own light setting with conductive webbing strap lighting system. Each fixture is meticulously crafted to combine aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. From minimalist and contemporary design to sculptural and architectural pieces. Fristil offers a diverse rang of lighting options that cater to different tasts and interior styles.  Set D comes 3 x globe pendant ceiling lamps, 10M conductive webbing, Ac adaptor, and 5 x square hanging fixtures.

Fristil lamp - Set D

  • FEATURE - Set D - 10 pcs Black combo

    • 200W AC adaptor - retangle
    • 10 meter conductive webbibg strap
    • Globe pendant ceiling light x  3pcs
    • Square hanging Fixture x 5 pcs



    • Pendant
      • 200mm R x 210mm H
      • Black color
      • 8W
      • DC24V
      • Light Color: 4000K
      • Angle: 270 degree
      • Material: Aluminum material


    • Square hanging Fixture
      • Material: Plastic


    • Ac Adaptor
      • 380mm L x 45mm H x 58mm W
      • 200W



    • 14kg
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