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Decorate your own world with Luna ─ into any style you want. It’s not only an art of decorating, but an art of living. This lunar lamp creates the most romantic lamp in your house. This lunar lamp is created by the 3D printing technic by using the PLA material ( extracted from corn stalks ) which is also environment friendly.


*Pricing - There are various pricing on this product due to different size. If interested pls send enquire for pricing require.

Lunar Lamp

  • Price are various based on the size of the lunar lamp

    Size :

    • S - 7.5cm
    • M - 10cm 
    • L - 15cm
    • XL - 20cm


    Body Color: white

    Lighting Color: warm yellow, and cool white; with adjustable lightning

    Power Supply: CR2032

    Working Time: 48 hours

    Recharge with USB

    Package come with a wood stand

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