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Made in Japan minimial but stylish designed storage tray.  Comme des Garcons used the same styles of storage trays in their D&Department.    Which comes in various of light grey, bright color, and transparecy box.   Tray available in 2 sizes: 1) Box 10 and 2) Box 20 with or without holes.    We suggest they  can be use as furniture / table or  basic storage purpose.   There are also 2 height metal stand are available.  Tray are made with food grade polypropylene.  




Box 10 - W340 H100mm

Box 20 - W340 H200mm

Metal Stand 20 - W350 H200mm

Metal Stand 40 - W380 H400mm



Box - Food Grade polypropylene

Stand -  Metal


Metal Stand can support up to 15kg of weight

Storage Tray - box 20