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Enhance your dining experience with this vintage flatware! 


Vintage flatware with an elegant look, great hand feel, and great weight size gives a perfect dining experience. It is also designed for dishwashers, ensuring a quick and safe way to tidy up after your meal!

Vintage Flatware

  • Features:

    • Made from high quality stainless steel
    • The set contains a knife, 2 forks and 3 spoons, making it perfect for your meal


    • Dinner spoon:  4cm x 18cm
    • Serving spoon:  5mm x 17.5cm
    • Teaspoon:  3cm x 14cm
    • Dinner Knife:  2cm x22.5cm
    • Dinner Fork:  2.5cm x 19cm
    • Dessert fork:  2cm x 14cm


    • Dinner spoon:  66g
    • Serving spoon:  62g
    • Teaspoon:  30g
    • Dinner Knife:  91g
    • Dinner Fork:  49g
    • Dessert fork:  22g

    Material :

    • Stainless Steel 304
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